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Knowing most certainly that seeds dropped into soil will rise to become home for birds and food for beasts creates fertile soil for my imagination to wander to places hopeful and sure.

In project Radiant
twenty-five paintings were hung temporarily on the outsides of buildings in Edmonton’s core. The buildings to me, with their weathered, painterly surfaces were partially completed canvasses whose completion I participated in with my paintings. I was intrigued by the way the paintings drew attention to the immensely beautiful spaces in the most worn surfaces of my city.


This painting belongs to a body of work entitled For the Birds. The paintings in this series are not exact copies but rather my attempt to record experiences and impressions from nature. They are also attempts by me to connect to a part of the world that I long for more of. In that sense they are nostalgic paintings and also prayers, perhaps, for a better world: one that respects and admires nature rather than one that subdues and subjects it. They are requests to notice, to love, to hold sacred the world we inhabit.


In these paintings I pay attention to the intricacies and oddities that exist in nature, and also to the patterns that exist and persist. The persistence of the natural world, despite our attempt to regulate it to the fringes of our lives, is to me hope itself.